Jul 30, 2012

August Knitting Preview: Stripes and Jane Richmond!

I'm super excited for my August knitting plans! In the next few months I've got lots of fun knits I'd like to knock out, and we all know how I love a good list, so I've combined these two and given myself a huge list of all the things I'd like to get done in the next few months, knit-wise.

I'm on track to blow away my quiet little 2012 hat knitting goal (250 hats), and that makes me super happy - it means bunches of folks will be a bit warmer this winter thanks to something I've made! To keep myself on track, I've set not a numbers goal for August, but a "type of knitting" goal.

I've got a jar FULL of little bits of yarn, sitting on the shelf in our dining room tempting Owen with its goodness. Every day he walks by it, petting the glass and begging to open the jar up and fling around the tiny yarn balls. I get it - yarn is such fun! But I'd rather knit that yarn up into some stripey hats than lose it to my son and one of our cats - the two of them love to toss balls of yarn around together!

So each Monday in August I'll be sharing shots of the striped hats I've been able to work up during the week. I'll be using my own Simple Striped Hat pattern as much as I can - it's an easy guide for a great striped hat - and pairing my tiny yarn balls with the excess of grey and white acrylic I've got laying around.

I'd love to have you all knit along with me as I knit up striped hats! Each Monday I'll be posting a "linky tools" so you can link to the striped hats you're making all month with me. It's super easy to use and really, I just love seeing finished knits so if you link to something else that you've knit up, I won't complain!


While working up striped hats, I'm also excited to be knitting through Jane Richmond's hat patterns in August! You'll hear a bit more about that in a few days, but suffice it to say I may just be able to knock another goal off my birthday list by the end of August!

August, I'm ready for you!

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  1. Oooh a link up! FUN! It will be neat to see different finished projects.

    I definitely have some extra yarn around that I should knit up into some stripe hats!