34 Water Hats, part one

About a month before my birthday I shot a message to the help desk at charity: Water, asking for a bit of advice. I received a wonderful e-mail in return, and exchanged several messages with one of charity: Water's wonderful tech support folks. To say thanks, I shot out an e-mail asking if I could knit the guy a hat. Then about five minutes later I shot out another e-mail, asking how many folks were in their office.

Turns out there are 34 people working in the charity: Water NYC offices - I can totally knit that many hats Thus began a mini-oddesy - a goal to knit 34 Waffle Hats using blue yarn (to represent the water charity: Water brings to folks around the world). One for each person who is giving part of their lives to this amazing project. I added the goal to my birthday list and got to knitting.

As I'm about two months out from starting the first hat, I wanted to do a mini update (and let you all know why I've been sharing so many blue hats to Instagram)! Above you can see, in three batches, the hats I've made so far. Hats 1-21. This leaves 13 hats to go; 12 if you count the hat i just finished (but haven't photographed yet), and 11 if you count the hat that's already on my needles.

 I've got a big September planned (more on that in a few weeks, after I sort out the details!), which means I want to get the remainder of these blue hats knit and out the door before then. I know I can knit a dozen hats in a few weeks, but I also know I can slack and take too long to get a project done when I'm the only one to know about it! So I'm posting here, publicly sharing my progress, and what I need to get done in a short amount of time.

While I know many of you don't knit as fast as I do, I know you'll all join in to make a loud cheering section as I whip up these last dozen hats! (and who knows ... maybe we'll get a shot of the entire charity: Water staff wearing them once they make it to NYC?!)