Nov 20, 2012

15 months with Owen

(loves to brush his teeth. for like 30 minutes.)

it blows my mind that in a few short days my little man will already be 15 months old! it feels like just yesterday he wasn't constantly moving everywhere, crashing trucks into things and making a mockery of everything we ever thought parenting would be.

i am reminded CONSTANTLY of this one thing: i wanted a boy.

and yes i did, and man am i grateful! this kid is just ridiculous. he starts at 5:30am (6:30 if we can talk him into sleeping in), and moves and talks non-stop until his body forces him to take a nap at some point. then he moves in his sleep, and when he wakes up he's on the go until he crashes at like 8pm.

owen has more hair than three other kids his age, resulting in one of the funniest trips to the kiddie-salon i've ever had! zach was out of town, and i thought it wouldn't be a big thing, so off we went for his second hair cut. i wish someone else had been there with me to take pictures of the stylist sitting on the floor trying to cut his hair while owen threw an UPSIDE DOWN TANTRUM. in my arms.


a few weeks ago, zach was out of town for five days. we spent most of it watching tv, or pretending i was a human jungle gym.

not our best week, but we survived.

 sartorial shoe choices were all his!

his feet have grown out of every pair of shoes he owns, and we had to go a size up in jammies because while his feet grew too large for the size that fit him, he can't live without his footie pajamas! so now all his jammies look ridiculous on him to give room for his size 6 feet!

uncle james gave him a recorder, and he figured out how to play it within 10 minutes. now we have an official one-man band - he's got a drum, a guitar, a piano, a recorder, and various tambourines and shakers. we love to make music all day long!

  • grilled cheese
  • fish sticks
  • milk
  • brushing his teeth
  • putting things into and out of boxes.
  • jimmy neutron
  • our new couch!
  • reading as many books as he can get his hands on
  • waffles drenched in syrup for breakfast.
  • go-go squeeze applesauce, squeezed directly into his mouth until it's full, and then laughing until it comes out of his mouth!
  • pouring his drink onto the floor and then laying on the ground, licking it up like a cat.

a boy, indeed!

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