Nov 5, 2012

4 simple goals (before 2013!)

(image from A Beautiful Mess)

Way back in September, Elsie shared her Four Simple Goals to accomplish before the end of the year. I remember reading the post, and I remember thinking it would be fun to do the same type of thing.

Now it's November, and I'm finally getting around to it! Better late than never!

1 // Complete or delete all open project pages on Ravelry. I currently have 41 (!!!!) open project pages in Ravelry. Some are holiday presents, some are in-process hats, but all need to either be completed or deleted as the ball drops! Especially if I want to reach my goal of 400 hats by my birthday.

2 // Cook five "new to me" meals. This doesn't have to be hard, just grab one of the million recipes I've been pinning and try it out. We need some variety in our diets, having reverted back to old faithfuls like pizza and tacos far too often!

3 // Read three more books. I've been having so much fun diving back into reading again, and have a list as long as a river saved in my Amazon Wish List of books I'd like to have on my Kindle. But before I start asking folks for Amazon gift cards for Christmas I'd like to clear a few more off my "to read" list.

4 // Exercise at least once a week. People, it's starting to get silly. I can do one of those "10-minute, full body" workouts I've been pinning; I can do the 30-Day Shred dvd that scares me every time. I'm not looking to lose weight or fit into old jeans, I'd just like to feel comfy in my skin as we head into winter layers.


Truth be told, I'm already excitedly plotting my 2013 goals, and looking ahead to when I can put up Christmas decorations, have presents under the tree, and maybe see a few snowflakes. A few small goals like this will help keep me focused until then, and carry me into the new year with some items checked off my list!

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  1. Great idea! Still plenty of time before the year ends to meet a few goals!!