Oct 31, 2013

it's a halloween miracle!

What a fun Halloween we are already having! Owen and I stopped by his school this morning for their trick or treating and party (he normally doesn't go on Thursdays), and like some sort of Halloween miracle he wanted to wear his costume! For the past few weeks we've been trying to help him understand Halloween and costumes and such - he's not always the best at transitions like this, so the long approach seemed best.

He wouldn't have any of it. Panicked cries when we'd get the costume above his knees every single time, and so this morning I put him in a pumpkin shirt and figured if he didn't want to wear his costume, no big deal.

One look at all the other kids in their costumes, though? He was ready for action! We got that thing on in record time (minus the Buddy The Dinosaur head, which was far too big) and he roared his way around the school, trick or treating to all the classrooms!

Now I've got a few hours to figure out how to get a non-blurry picture or two of him tonight - I swear he never stops moving, so I'm learning to love the imperfection of the blurry shot. Better than nothing at all, that's for sure! Happy Halloween!

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