owen lately

Let it be said that I will take two any day of the week. Two is the greatest age!

Lately you ...

... say "oh me, oh my!" when you get excited about something. Specifically when you get to eat a Popsicle before noon.

 ... love popsicles, with a passion I did not think you would ever have for food.

... stroll into school like you own the place. The transition to the two-year-old room was harder than we thought it would be on you, but now that you've got it all figured out, you love to walk in, say hello to your old toddler teachers, and then run into your classroom for either breakfast or playing (you get to choose now!). It's so fun to watch you go from being carried in and handed to your teachers to walking in, saying hey to your buddies, and going about your business with a fast "bye dada" (or mama) and a wave.

... have finally decided to give cinnamon toast a try, much to mama's delight. And you love it!

... know all your letters! Mama and Dada take very little credit for this - a combination of school three days a week and Super Why have done the bulk of the work on this one for us, but to hear you shout out letters wherever you go is just amazing! You have a hard time saying K but other than that you know every single letter, both in and out of order.

... eat Boo Berry cereal almost every morning, marshmallows first, then the rest of the bowl.

... have grown over an inch just since your two-year check-up. We had to buy you all new size 2T clothes, and are pretty sure you will grow out of the jeans (in length, never in the waist!) before winter is done.

... read mama stories at bedtime instead of the other way around. We used to cuddle in the rocking chair and mama or dada would read you three (or four) stories each night before bed. Suddenly you've decided to take on that part of the routine for yourself. Now mama (or dada) sits at the edge of the bed while you read three (or four) stories to us. The scary part is, you get about half the words to the story right already!