Jul Hat For Casie

pattern: Jul Hat, by Jenny Gordy
yarn: stash olive wool, same as for Casie's mitts  
needles: size US 7 / 4.5mm and size US 9 / 5.5mm
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I do love my Casie friend! She's an amazing photographer who shoots outside year-round. Because of this, she knows the value of a good wool sweater (as you can see her wearing above) and recently requested I make her some mitts and a hat to help keep her warm while she shoots in the colder months.

I whipped this Jul Hat off the needles as fast as I could, and she graciously wore it while she took photos of my family last week! It was just warm enough that she didn't need the mitts as well, but I have it on good authority she wears them almost every single day, indoors or out!

For Casie's Jul Hat, I modified the pattern a bit. Originally calling for a thinner weight yarn, I grabbed stash yarn knowing I'd have to adjust the cast on numbers. Thankfully the pattern repeat was easy to work with, and I was able to cast on an even 80 stitches without messing anything up.

Until I got to the decreases, when I realized they were over a different stitch number than I could easily divide. Because of this, the stitch pattern on the body of the hat doesn't continue its way up the decrease section of the hat, as I preferred to have the decreasing match the original hat pattern over keeping the stitch pattern but going with a more generic decrease.

I love the way the hat turned out, and not having the stitch patterning on the top part of the hat doesn't take anything away at all! Besides, I'm pretty sure Casie didn't even notice! As you can see in the phone photo I grabbed above (while she was getting shots of Owen dangling upside down in Zach's arms!) she was far too busy having fun with our family to think about stitch patterns!

While the Jul Hat pattern costs a few bucks, it's one I've made a few times already and know I will make again. Perfect for men or women in my opinion, this hat is perfect for last-minute holiday gifts (look for a more extensive list of these types of hats to come soon!) and for charity donations!