Sep 25, 2014

Welcome Unconventional Readers!

Today is quite the day in SMH-land! I just got done doing a photo shoot for all the Impossible Hats (pictures will be both here and in the shop shortly!), and then came inside to discover my feature on Chris Guillebeau's website had gone live!

To all of you headed over here from Chris' site, welcome! I'm excited to have you all stop by my online home, poke around, and get to know both me and my quest a bit better.

It's such a gift to have friends who are doing amazing things with their lives, and Chris is definitely one of those friends. Not only did he recently finish up visiting every country in the world, he inspires folks daily through is website, and hosts yearly conferences that connect folks together! Amazing!!

In his most recent book, The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life, I had the pleasure of being featured for a nano-second, as the book discusses quests. I was honored to be included, and blown away when Chris contacted me to see if I'd be interested in doing a more in-depth interview on his website. Of course I said yes!!

I've been making hats almost exclusively since 2009, and some days I forget that what I'm doing is a bit unconventional. It's become so natural to me to grab yarn and needles as I head out on my day, it's such a treat to be reminded that what I'm doing is fun and special, and worth writing about.

For those of you who have been here already, whether for a day or a year or even more, I'd love for you to swing by Chris' site and check out my interview ...

One Lifetime, 10,000 Hats: Robyn Devine's Ambitious Project

And I'd love for you to consider purchasing an Impossible Hat. Don't forget, the first 20 orders will get a free copy of Chris' latest book - so not only are you helping build schools, and give a hat to someone in need, you're getting a hat AND a free book! Such a deal!!

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