New "Print" Button!

I'm so glad to FINALLY have a "print" button on every page of the blog. I've been working over the last few weeks months to get my free patterns listed here on the blog, with no PDF downloading needed, and I'm finally almost there. I like that folks don't have to take any extra steps to work up one of my free patterns, but missed that it was harder than it should be for the patterns to be printed up for those who wanted to do that.

Enter a "print" button.

It ended up being incredibly easy, just clicking a few buttons and letting a website install it for me really. Which begs the question, why did I wait so long? Mostly laziness. Oh, and the three year old hanging off my back as I type this, making it hard to focus for more than a minute at a time!

You won't see the "print" button when viewing the blog on the main page. You have to click into a specific post, and then there it'll be, just above and next to the share buttons, and right above where you'd comment. Clicking the button gives you the option to print, but also to save as a PDF, send in an e-mail, and even remove the photos if you want to save a bunch of printer ink!

I'm super excited for how this will simplify things for me - no more ten thousand steps between Ravelry and the blog to get a pattern ready for you, just publishing a post and then sharing it on Ravelry. Hooray for simple!


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