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GAP-tastic Cowl

Pattern: GAP-tastic Cowl, by Jen Geigley (free Ravelry download!)
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Eco+ Wool. I used 334 yards
Needles: size US 13 / 9.0 mm 24" circular needle

With almost 16,000 of these GAP-tastic Cowls already made on Ravelry, this pattern is one of the favorites amongst knitters. You can use just about any bulky weight yarn (or hold worsted weight double), and once you've got the stitches cast on, you basically knit and purl away until the cowl is long enough.

Why it's taken me so long to get one of these on the needles is mind boggling, really. It's my perfect project - almost completely brainless* once you get the correct number of stitches cast on (I don't want to talk about it), knits up deceptively fast thanks to the bulky yarn, can be made with whatever you have in your stash, AND it's perfect for charity donation!

This is the first of many GAP-tastic Cowls to come off my needles, of this you can be sure! I already have plans to make a few of these with some grey yarn in my stash, all of which will be donated. While my donation habits almost always run towards hats, a cowl is a great donation piece - it can keep someone incredibly warm, and when it can be wrapped multiple times around the neck, and is wide enough to cover the head as well? It's surely going to be used and loved!

This cowl was meant to be donated as well, actually. But that green? The squish? I think it's going to end up staying in house, so I can wear it this winter!

This is the first project in my mini-quest to use up all of my Cascade Eco+ yarn, and was a great way to start things off! I'm excited to pick another pattern and keep right on moving through the yarn!!

*I mean brainless in the most positive and complimentary of ways. I love a pattern I can work while watching a movie or while the kids are playing trains, and that can be set down and picked up again without having to worry about where I am in the pattern. For me, in my life right now, this is what I work with on repeat, and so saying this pattern is brainless means I love it!!


  1. hi Robyn, I enjoy reading your blog, but I stopped to comment to let you know that your website is impossible on a mobile (android) device. It doesn't auto size, so you have to try to shrink it down, but for some reason it always goes back to previous posts instead of shrinking. It's quite frustrating. I hope this is something that is easy to fix.

  2. Hmmm.... well, I made a change, and I'm hopeful it makes a difference. I've got an iPhone, so I can't check to see if it matters on an Android until my husband gets home and he can look! Please let me know if you check back to the site on your phone if it looks any better? Because I definitely don't want the blog to be impossible to read on a mobile device - that's how we all do it now, isn't it?!?!

  3. much better! Thanks!


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