That's me up there ... the one knitting a hat. I'm the one always knitting a hat, actually. My name is Robyn Devine. I'm a wife, a mama. I make hats and give them away.

I love to make hats because hats are simple -- they take just one skein of yarn, can be carried with you wherever you go, and don't need any special measurements. Most people's heads fall under one of three or four sizes (baby, child, smaller adult, larger adult) so you can be fairly certain the hat you've made will fit one of these four sizes of person depending on the number of stitches on your needle.

Hats can do quite a bit to keep a person warm. Little babies have a hard time regulating their temperature, so a hat can mean the difference between health and sickness. For folks living on the street, a hat can help stave off sickness in the coldest of temperatures. Naval ships run cold (something to do with all the metal ...) so a hat can help keep soldiers warm while on and off duty.

I've been knitting hats and giving them away since 2009, when I set a goal to make 100 hats using 100 different patterns over the course of a year. I finished that challenge a week before the self-imposed deadline, and never looked back!

Right now (summer 2015) I'm making hats (and other things) to donate to the Salaam Cultural Museum, which collects items for Syrian refugees. To date, there are over 4 million Syrian refugees, in a crisis that has spanned decades, leaving 1 in 4 Syrians displaced. It is too great a problem for me to fully fathom, but what little I can do, I am doing. 

Interested in my hat projects, my patterns, or learning to knit? Shoot me an e-mail .. I'd love to talk!