Using Up My Eco+ Wool

July 6, 2015

I've had four skeins of Cascade Eco+ wool in my yarn stash for almost a year now. Two grey skeins, one hot pink skein, and one bright green skein. I've used bits of the two grey skeins making a few hats, but each Eco+ skein is almost 500 yards, so there's still SO. MUCH. YARN. left for me to use!

I decided the only way to get this yarn out of my stash and made into wearables for charity was to get myself onto Ravelry and figure out what other people were doing with their Eco+. I found so many amazing patterns, I ended up making a Pinterest board filled with over 30 patterns that would be amazing with this yarn!

Above are a few of the patterns I found that are super wonderful, and would look amazing in this yarn!

1. Sequoia by Alegria DaSilva
2. Quick Cable Slouch Hat by Azure
3. Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf
4. Gale by Alicia Plummer
5. Twenty Ten Cardigan by Veera Välimäki
6. Quincy by Jared Flood

For more yarny inspiration, check out the full Pinterest board! And I'll be sharing my finished Eco+ projects over the next few weeks ... I can't wait!!

Mandalas For Marinke

July 3, 2015
Recently, the craft community lost a very bright light. Marinke, known as Wink, lost her battle with depression. People throughout the craft community have been mourning this loss all week, and joining together under the hashtag #mandalasformarinke to do something about it.

Kathryn of Crochet Concupiscence has begun a mandala collection project, asking crafters to use one of Wink's patterns to make a mandala in her memory. These mandalas will all be added to both a book and an art show, discussing both the life and work of Marinke, as well as bringing awareness to the illness that is depression and hopefully helping others who suffer to find solace, community, and support.

Once the art show is done, Kathryn hopes to donate all the mandalas in Wink's honor, and is researching ways to do that!

I made the above mandala earlier in the week. I have never actually made a  mandala before, so I chose the simplest of Wink's patterns - turns out it works just like the top part of a crochet hat!! I will be mailing this out (hopefully Monday) to Kathryn to add to her project, and am hopeful she will get more mandalas than she knows what to do with for this project!

If you'd like to contribute, simply choose one of Wink's mandala designs here (I used her Standard Mandala Pattern), and make a mandala using the yarn you have on-hand. Then head to Kathryn's post about the project (found here) for mailing instructions and an address. She's asking you to provide a bit of information with your mandala, so be sure to read the full post before packing your mandala up!

Whether you make a mandala or not, you should have a look on Instagram at the hashtag #mandalasformarinke. It's beautiful to see so many people already crafting in her memory.

Knit List || Wowligan

July 2, 2015

You guys. I know, I just posted a sweater I want to make for Lou for the fall, but COME ON. I love the photos I have of Lou in her Owlet sweater from last year, but there's no way she will fit in it again this winter. She's fully in 2T clothes - at just 16 months - so it's time for a bigger sweater.

For this fall, I'm pretty sure the Wowligan is going to be her go-to cardigan. I love how easy the owls are to work up, and I can't wait to get this sweater on the needles for her! My hope is that, if made in a neutral grey, she'll be able to toss this on with everything, wear it until it falls to pieces, and then request one in a bigger size.

So, not a whole lot of hopes and dreams for this sweater ....

With sizes from 6 months to 10 years, if it works up as fast as the Owlet did last fall, I might even be able to work a few extras off the needles to gift this holiday season! I know a few little girls who would look super cute in this cardigan, and since it's open in the front, minus those few buttons at the neck, there's not as much concern with sizing over a baby belly - always nice when gifting knits to little ones!

Grab a copy of the pattern on Ravelry here!

Knit List || Hot Chocolate

June 25, 2015

I cannot begin to explain just how particular Lou is. She loves to have bangs, and will get crazy mad when they get too long and start to hang in her face. She loves to have pig tails or a top knot as well, and picks out which hair bands I should use.

She picks out (and changes frequently) the shoes she is wearing, and will stand in front of her closet with me, helping me decide which shirt to wear. If I should try to just grab a shirt or pair of shoes for her, she will protest QUITE loudly until she can have her say.

At 15 months old, she's got more opinions than her 3 year old brother!

Because of this particularness, I know I cannot simply knit her something and assume she'll wear it in the colder months. She's got enough opinions for our entire house, and so I'm going to have to run future knitting choices by her before I cast on. But boy, do I hope this Hot Chocolate sweater makes the cut! I love the boxy nature, the turtleneck, and the cropped sleeves. It feels very Lou to me, and I hope she sees that as well!

Until it gets colder and she can start helping me pick out some winter knits, it goes on my "here's hoping list"!

Hats On People || Jeroen

June 24, 2015
A few weeks ago I was contacted by Jeroen about the possibility of making him a hat as part of my Hats On People project. He'd read of my quest in my friend Chris' book The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life, and was intrigued. He had read through some of my blog, loved the concept, and wanted to participate!

Of course I said yes - I love to make hats for others, and as much as I can, whenever someone contacts me about making them a hat, I love to get one to them. Jeroen lives in the Netherlands and has completed a quest of his own, so we've bonded over the last few weeks when chatting about the structure of a quest, and the passion behind it.

I'd actually started to slack off on my Hats On People project, and thanks to Jeroen's message, I added a link to the blog with more information for others to participate in this project, and I've gotten just under a dozen requests in the last week! It's so exciting to watch as these hats start getting shipped across the world to folks like Jeroen, excited to help me finish my quest, all while wearing a handmade hat of their own!


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