Aug 30, 2009

wendy in the Watchman's Cap (#2)

took the finished (!!!) Watchman's Cap with me over to a friends' house last night to get some shots, and this is what happened!  "real" finished shots coming soon - this is just for fun.

Aug 25, 2009

#1 - Hurricane Hat

The Hurricane Hat is officially off the needles and in the Finished Object Pile!

It might be a tad bit shorter than I like to wear my hats, but as I've got a normal-sized head, I know the hat will fit anyone from a younger child to a teen or even a Robyn-sized adult.

The Hurricane Hat pattern is safely on my list of "last minute present" patterns as well - this thing whipped up super fast, is a gorgeous finished object, and is easily sized up or down by adding/subtracting 10 stitches from the cast on. I may have to slip this one into the box for charity a few more times, even if it won't count towards the 100!

I'm also pretty happy that I was able to stand on our back porch in a hat and long sleeves and not be sweaty after taking these photos - autumn is definitely on it's way!