Nov 27, 2011

a few from thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day. We were at the cabin this year, spent the night Wednesday and Thursday.

Early morning snuggles with Grandma Mimi. Owen likes to wake up at 5am and then get snuggles until around 8am. Zach was amazing and got up with him both days so I could get some sleep, and by the time I woke up, Owen was ready for the day and getting plenty of loving from his extended family!

Lots of food (no photos - too busy eating!). Favorites: honey-glazed ham, Boston Market style potatoes, making turkey sandwiches with the rolls all evening, the pumpkin bars ... we never did figure out who brought those!

Lots of football, Owen watched with dad.

Kenzie wanted to learn to knit - she had it DOWN in five minutes flat, and spent the rest of her day with two sticks and some string like a pro.

I learned to play Frisco, although Zach beat everyone, thanks to his little Owen helper! He loved playing cards with daddy, and didn't want to go to bed when it was time!

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