Nov 18, 2011

owen and his bumbo chair

because he loves to sit up and look around so much (even if he can't do it by himself yet) and because he's been holding his head up for weeks now all by himself, Owen got himself a Bumbo chair last weekend!

he spent five minutes vacillating between "WAIT, WHAT?!?!" and total boredom with the whole thing. we have sat in our chair a few minutes each day since then, and each time it's the same thing - total disbelief that he can sit up somewhat on his own, followed by total boredom at the whole thing. i can't wait for him to figure out he can play with things while he's in there!

also loving about these photos: his face in the second from the bottom; the way his long hairs get all crazy and have a mind of their own; his falling-off white socks; that i managed to have him in Iowa colors (his uncle Dan's Alma Mater) all day without anyone noticing!

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