Getting Ready For The New Year

{hat 001 // Jane hat pattern, I Love This Yarn! in greybeard, size 9 and 11 needles}

It's just a few hours away from the first of the year; a day and a few hours really, but I just can't wait. Knitting hats has become such an integral part of who I am, I cast on today for the first hat, which will most likely be done before the first even gets here.

Between car rides to visit both of Owen's grandmas, eating lunch and dinner and even a bit of a Target run, I managed to get the brim and part of the body of this Jane Hat finished. I'm hoping it will use up most of the ball of yarn, and will be a good marker for both the time it takes to knit one of these hats, and a measure of which size needles I should end up using in the future.

If I don't say it again before the 1st, here's hoping your New Year's Eve is full of sparkles and light, laughter and friends and family, and just enough yarn to make you smile!