one little word // 2012

{yarn donated from Sara Bell of The Traveling PhoBlogWriPher}

For five years now Ali Edwards has shared her One Little Word, and each year I promise I'll come up with one but never manage to. And then each year I manage to forget completely, no word chosen.

This year Zach and I spent some time coming up with our words for 2012. For Owen we picked "awesome", naturally! Zach picked "follow-through". And I picked FOCUS. In 2012 I want to FOCUS on ...

// my family.
// being the best wife I can be.
// being the best mom possible.
// knitting as many hats for other people as possible.

FOCUS. Letting go of the things I no longer want in my life. FOCUS. Blinders to everything that does not match with the person I'm becoming. FOCUS. Paying attention to my family, God and my life mission, and letting the rest of it pass gently by.

What is your word of the year?


  1. Joy. I tend to focus on the down side of things, so would like to make a concerted effort to change that! I'm looking at Joy and Contentment as in the book of Philippians.

  2. I plan to reuse my 2011 word, which was less. Weigh less, own less, waste time less.

  3. I LOVE this word idea! I've already set my goals for the year but I'm definitely doing this next year!!

  4. Great word choice!!
    I chose Active for my word this new year.
    Active physically, be a better active listener, be active in my community and in my relationships.

    Happy New Year!


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