Jan 29, 2012


Lately I am waking up before 5:30am everyday, thanks to an early-riser son.

Lately I am working out a new hat pattern (shown above) which I'll be sharing here next Friday!

Lately I am swimming in half-finished knitting projects, looking forward to finishing them up.

Lately I am excited for the start of February, the shortest winter month of the year. Owen and I have big plans for some simple Valentine's Day decorations!

Lately I am using my meal planner from Miki.O Design to feed my little family in a healthier way.

Lately I am marveling at my son.

Lately I look at my husband and cannot believe how lucky I am.

Lately I am imagining big things for my friends, and am so excited for it!

Lately I am editing as many photos with Picnik as I can - I cannot believe they are closing their doors in April.

Lately I am partnering with Amy of New Nostalgia - exciting!

Lately I am longing for my hair to be super long again ... mostly so I can cut it off, donate it, and rock a pixie cut. (I have a long way to go)

Lately I am paring down my time online to only those most important things, and letting go of all the rest.

Lately I am already thinking about Owen's first birthday party (not happening until August) and all the ways I want to celebrate this miracle of a babe.

Lately I have been trying to get into Dr. Who (but am unable), and have fallen in love with Downton Abbey and Sherlock.

Lately I have put eight books on my Kindle but have not dipped into one of them.

Lately I've been feeling thankful that the winter weather so far this season has been mild and wonderful.

Lately I'm grateful for the large extended family I have here in town, and how often we get to see them.


What are you doing/thinking/feeling/reading/watching lately?

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