Feb 6, 2012

015 and 016 // Snowpocalypse!

pattern: Jane Hat, by Jane Richmond
yarn: I Love This Yarn! in turquoise (approximately 130 yards per hat)
needles: sizes US 8 / 5.0mm and US 10 / 6.0mm 16" circular needles
made for: Chicago Food Pantry

Winter has finally come to Omaha! Between Friday night and Saturday we got almost a foot of snow, cocooning our neighborhood in gorgeous white! Plans for pizza with Owen's friend Jack were put on hold, and we just hunkered down at home playing, surfing the internet, watching Netflix Instant, and knitting!

By Saturday afternoon I had these two Jane hats off my needles. Snow is great for knitting, even with a little one at home who wants to play all day long.

I still can't figure out how I manage to get such dramatic yardage differences on each of the Jane hats I've knit so far this year. Using the same yarn (although different colors) and the same needles, knitting to the same length before decreases each time, I've wound up with hats varying in yardage from around 110 to almost 150 yards. It's a mystery!


  1. I love the occasional snow day. In the Mid-Atlantic region we have not had any so far this winter, but we're still hoping. Thanks for sharing yours.