Feb 16, 2012

021 - 023 // Snowy Days

pattern: Jane Hat, by Jane Richmond
yarn: I Love This Yarn! in brown (two hats, approximately 130 yards each), I Love This Yarn! in periwinkle (142 yards)
needles: sizes US 8 / 5.0mm and US 10 / 6.0mm 16" circular needles
made for: Chicago Food Pantry

It snowed again Sunday night, leaving a few more inches of white stuff all over the yard, our car, and even the porch! Winter will probably be short this year - we didn't even see snow until the beginning of February, so even if we see snow until the end of March it'll only be two months' worth!

We're taking advantage of snow days around here by wearing pajamas as much as we can, checking out the snow from next to our electric fireplace, and waving to daddy as he has to trudge off in it each morning.

Oh, and tromping outside for a few minutes to take hat photos!

I'm halfway to my goal of knitting 20 Jane Hats by the end of March, and pretty sure I'll reach my goal. I've got a few weekends in March where I'll have some concentrated knitting time, so between now and then I may knit a few different things instead.

What do you love on your knitting needles when there's snow on the ground?

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  1. I love knitting! I found your blog when I was visiting a new blog that I stumbled upon a few day ago Elise... Enjoy it... I love that she has you as her knitting mentor! Looks like she picked the right person. So happy to have found you now too. Looks like we have the love of knitting in common. I will be checking in for some stitching inspiration for sure. Happy knitting!