Feb 8, 2012

pinning lately // knits for your neck

While I'm a tried-and-true hat knitter, I do love a good scarf or cowl on occasion as well! And with so many great patterns sucking me in lately, I may just make the 2012 holiday season the season of keeping others' necks warm!

Here are a few scarves and cowls from my Pinterest boards if you'd like to whip up a cowl as well!

Source: pickles.no via robyn on Pinterest

Love this luxury cowl from Pickles - and it's super simple to whip up!

The Runaround Cowl seems especially toasty after all the snow we just got!

I've already had several folks ask if I can make them one of these!

Source: ravelry.com via robyn on Pinterest

This chunky scarf is actually crochet - I bet it would whip up super fast!

Source: lionbrand.com via robyn on Pinterest

Heaven. That's all I see when I look at this photo.

The Rae scarf is super fast and fun, and would definitely keep you warm this season!

This tube can be worn so many ways!


  1. I know someone who has that giant green wrap. It's a really versatile garment and she gets lots of comments on it. Also loving that grey and red cowl and the tube mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    1. Having studied the tube a little more, it looks like it's knit in the round then just keep knitting until you go blind, or your hands drop off or some such thing. Cast on is likely to be up near 400 I guess. :-S . I do have about 10 balls of a softish linen blend in the stash, which I guess would do it. I'm a bit concerned about the hands dropping off bit though ;-)