Feb 23, 2012

six months with Owen

Is it true? Are you really six months old already? I can't remember what life was like without you (do I say that too often?) and yet it seems like you've only been here for a brief moment.

This has been the month of food for you. As soon as the doctor said you could eat solids at your four-month check-up we grabbed some bananas and got busy. You've worked your way through every "first food" we can find for you, moved from rice cereal to oatmeal - for the flavor, of course - and have even dipped your toes into eating rice cakes and puffs. You now eat two jars of food (or one jar and 3 tablespoons of oatmeal) three times a day, and I think you'd eat more if we gave it to you.

We're gearing up for sippy cups and even more foods as soon as Dr. Moore gives the okay. Dad can't wait for some of the combinations the "second foods" offer!

We've been practicing sitting up a lot this month. You love to check out your toys from this new vantage point, although we still have to put the Boppy around you because you love to fling yourself backwards (as seen above) and giggle like a maniac while doing it. Once you get that out of your system, I'm pretty sure you'll be hanging out on the floor with mom all the time!

As for toys, you love anything that makes noise, your green bunny, and your football. You'll bang and shake and slam anything you can get your hands on, and the more noise the better! Dad and I already agreed that once you're a bit better at sitting we'll start letting you bang on pots and pans, and maybe get you a few of those super cool baby instruments so you can make as much noise as you want, all day long!

When you're not rolling around on the floor, practicing scooting, or sitting up with your toys, you still love to play in your exer-saucer and your new-to-you jumperoo. Once Jack taught you how to use it you decided it was one of the cooler things you owned, and now spend mom and dad's dinner-time bouncing around, screeching along with the music and grabbing at the birds above you. Genius.

You also discovered television this month. We watch Sesame Street during the day sometimes, thanks to Netflix, and dad watched Ok Go on the computer with you for around 30 minutes. Now we all know about the primary colors (from their Sesame Street video), although you loved their first video best (with the treadmills).

My favorite moment from the month? Putting you into one of those wooden high chairs at Mama's Pizza and how much you loved it! You watched your buddy Jack do it, decided you wanted in on this game, and sat like a champ for quite some time. You're still a bit skinny for them and so as you got tired you slid around a little bit, but the photo above is proof of just how big you're getting. I can't wait until you have a few teeth, have mastered the art of people food a bit better, and can munch on the crust!

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