Feb 24, 2012

up, up, and away

It's been a rough week at the compound. Lack of sleep, crabbiness all around, and the realization that due to my financial issues brought into our marriage we've got to postpone a few family dreams for a few more years. Bummers all around.

The fact that Owen now loves to be tossed up into the air by daddy definitely makes us all smile, though. This kid is both a snuggler and a dare devil at the same time. He loves to be tossed around, hung upside down and even balanced on just one of dad's hands, but will snuggle into us to give big hugs and kisses several times a day. Perfection.

I'm learning to be thankful for this little man's gifts to me - his love and devotion, how daring he is and how little he knows of the yucky stuff of the world. He just giggles and snuggles and flings himself backwards to be held upside down, unaware of everything that stresses us out. Oh, to have that gift for myself, even for a day!

And so, to do something to bring a bit of peace, cash and space to our home, I'm having a shop sale next week! I've got a number of items to list in the shop, and starting Monday everything that's READY TO SHIP will cost you just $10 for baby and kid's items and just $15 for adult items! That's mittens, cowls, hats - anything and everything I can get listed READY TO SHIP between now and Monday morning!

And if you want to grab something before the sale starts, use the code FLYING12 to get 20% off anything in the shop until Monday morning!

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