Apr 13, 2012

life {with owen} lately

Always with one sock off, just like daddy.

You still hate tummy time. Other kids your age (almost 8 months!) are scooting themselves around by their hands, lovingly referred to as the army crawl, but you freak out whenever we try to put you on your tummy. Still. Ever since you were little, the screaming when on your tummy.

To make up for this however, you've decided instead to pull yourself up. To standing. On everything. While you most likely won't skip crawling, I'm not sure how you'll get there, what with your hatred of being on your tummy. 

You love to sit on the floor with your box of toys in front of you and pull it towards you, dumping everything out. Then you hang out for as long as can be, a huge pile of toys surrounding you while you pick through them one at a time and play away. 

The singing Easter Bunny? Every time we turn it on you fall over giggling. We've learned to have a pillow behind you!

You will no longer tolerate your bouncy seat - you pull yourself up and over the side of it, towards your feet to examine how it's being held together, or attempt to roll out of it. Seven months was a good run with that one.

Your newest trick is pooping every time we put you in your exersaucer. Within five minutes you're leaning forward, turning red in the face, and grunting away. We refer to it as your poop chair now!

You are singing to me as I type this. Looking right at me from your poop chair and singing away. One sock off, smile on your face, and poop (probably) in your diaper.

Oh how I love you, little man!

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