Apr 1, 2012

The April Hat: Waffles!

There are so many great hat patterns out there, I find myself overwhelmed by all the goodness! I've decided to focus on just one pattern each month and knit (or crochet!) as many of them as possible - mainly for charity. This way I'll get to knit at least a dozen fun patterns over the course of a year, make bunches of hats for charity, and let myself get obsessed for thirty days.

For April, I'm going to switch it up from the Jane Hat I've been knitting so much of, and dig into another fun hat pattern I've been loving on lately - the Waffles Hat! I've loved knitting this hat up in a variety of colors and with several different yarn weights, so for April I'm planning on making bunches of these Waffle Hats for sailors.

I'm casting on today with some lovely burnt orange yarn to kick things off - superwash wool that's perfect for those drafty and cold Naval ships! Hopefully you'll love this little challenge as much as I will, and you'll join in on the fun - at the end of the month I'll share the pile of hats I've made and invite you all to link up with me and share yours as well!

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