Jun 13, 2012

A Birthday List

Today I am 35!

Every year, I like to spend my birthday with as little fan fare as possible. Not a fan of surprises or being the center of attention, this means my birthday wishes tend towards pizza with my husband (and now our son, too!) and an action movie (current favorites include District B-13 and District B-13 Part Two: Electric Boogaloo - not it's real name).

However, 35 seems momentous somehow, and so even if I'm not going to paint the town varying shades of neon with 100 of my friends, dancing the night away, riding a party bus, or even playing lazer tag, I do want to celebrate it somehow.

In fact, I want to celebrate it by doing large, amazing, and crazy things.

 35 things:

  1. Get to hat #400.
  2. Read 10 new books. Start with the books already on my Kindle.
  3. Knit myself a cardigan.
  4. Knit Owen a sweater.
  5. Finish Zach's sweater, already!
  6. Bears hats (red hat in top photo) for Spencer and little Mr. Pace.
  7. Husker hats (blue hat in second photo) for Owen and Jack.
  8. Watch the 25 movies of Christmas (as listed out by Zach and I).
  9. Finish the pair of socks I currently have on the needles. I ended up ripping the sock out and using the yarn to make a hat.
  10. A hat a month for Screen Caps.
  12. Sparklers with Owen on NYE.
  13. Farmers Market. Seriously, it's far beyond time.
  14. Sledding with Owen.
  15. Durham Western Heritage Museum. Because seriously, it's time.
  16. Dress-up date.
  17. Camp out in the family room together during the Olympics again. (no pics, but we slept downstairs during the entire first week)
  18. Finish Lego Harry Potter 1 to 100%.
  19. Finish Lego Harry Potter 2 to 100%.
  20. Own a new winter coat.
  21. Get to 40 hats for Hats On People.
  22. Knit every hat pattern written by Jane Richmond. Finished: Aesderina | Amelia | Autumn | Autumn Leftovers | Bailey | Begbie | Christopher | Earflap Hat | Elizabeth | Jane | Joe | Kathleen | Pasha | Renfrew
  23. Ridiculously large granny square blanket for the bed.
  24. Fill the bedroom with balloons for his birthday.
  25. Fall Husker game.
  26. Spring Game with Owen.
  27. Burger tour through Omaha.
  28. Attend a fiber festival.
  29. Knit myself two pair of socks.
  30. Complete 26 crafty projects (from my Get Crafty board on Pinterest for starters).
  31. 34 charity: Water hats!
  32. Plant something that doesn't die a week later.
  33. House a home.
  34. 25 more hats for Hats For Sailors.
  35. Xmas ornaments for each family in our family.
As I accomplish each of these things I'll be heading back here and crossing them off. Oh, and I'll be blogging about them too, I'd imagine. Let the fun begin!

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