Jun 25, 2012

bespeckled hats, weeks 2 and 3

i haven't forgotten my June/July challenge hats - i've just been having a harder time getting them off the needles than i thought i would! truth be told, i love this pattern. i love how the speckles look, especially now that i've branched away from just white speckles and on that light pink hat made black ones! i can't wait to add even more colors to the pile!

i've noticed one thing, however. i whip through the body of the hat at record speed, and then stall out at the decreases. i know exactly why - i'm used to knitting hats where the decreases are super simple and mindless. with this hat pattern, you have to focus on the decreases line by line, and every specked row has a different number of stitches between speckles. this means i can't mindlessly knit the decreases while watching television at the end of the day, or while reading a book. i have to actually look at the pattern, which apparently i want to do less than i'd realized! that knowledge in the bank, i've got renewed vigor with this pattern. this weekend alone i finished (finally!) the black hat with white speckles and both cast on for and finished the light pink hat with black speckles! i think that's a good trend, no?

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