Jun 27, 2012

Christmas In July - Hats To Knit For The Holidays

While it may not even be July, many knitters are already filling out their "to knit for the holidays" list (myself included)! I love to gift at least one hand-knit hat per person on my list; a hat is a quick knit, everyone wears hats, and you don't have to worry about sizing in most cases - simply knowing if an adult or kid-sized hat is needed will do! Here are some hat patterns that will be making their way onto my holiday knit list this year:

I love the simplicity of the DK Eco Slouch Hat! It can easily be made in just about any color, and I'm sure I'll whip up bunches in wool blends!

I just discovered Isa's blog Owl Sisters, and I'm head over heels in love. I know several men who would wear this hat (minus the puff) and can't wait to see how it'll work up!

This one-cable hat has been on my needles on repeat lately! I've already had a few folks mention they'd like one of these for the holidays, and I'm more than happy to oblige!

Oh flecks of contrasting color, how I love you! Between this hat and the Bespeckled Hat I've been knitting lately, I'm sure to use up almost all my remnants by the end of the year!

A feminine hat, perfect for the "proper ladies" on my list - bwahahhah! A gorgeous hat to be sure, I know several women who will be receiving the Casteil Hat this year if I can pull it off!

I've never given a Cousteau hat to a man and had them complain!

With comments like "I'm not usually a hat knitter but this hat is perfect" under this hat's belt (and mine), you know I will be making this Joe Hat on repeat! Have you started making up your holiday "to knit" lists yet? What patterns will you be adding?

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