Jun 7, 2012

force of nature

Crawling owen
Owen on the stairs
Oh, child of mine. You are, without a doubt, a force of nature.
In five days you learned to sit up while laying down, crawl, pull up to standing, cruise along furniture, clap, and got your second tooth.
Then you decided to tackle stairs, aiming directly for daddy's drill.
Now you are climbing up the baby gate, and pulling yourself over the edge of your crib to play with the curtains.
I had no idea three weeks ago what this would be like, following you around the house for hours at a time while you pull yourself up on everything, play with your toys, pause to eat, and then repeat. It's exhausting, quite honestly - but in the best way!
I spend my days in awe of you ... and my nights playing catchup with all the things I used to do while you sat quietly(ish) and played with toys. Now I can't turn around for two seconds or you're in the trash can trying to find treasure.
We have placed bets as to when you'll start walking. I think by mid-July you'll be toddling all over and my days will get even more crazy.
I am in awe of mothers with more than one child. How do they do it? You are all I can handle, that's for sure!
Child of mine, foce of nature.

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