Jun 27, 2014

Out and About 6

 There’s so much goodness happening around the Internet, I wanted to have a way to share some of it with you each week. Enjoy!

A fun new hat from Jane Richmond, the Extra Slouch Hat!

Elise shares how she uses Instagram for business, and I take copious notes.

Playful Stripes is now sized for grown-ups!

Loved, Known, Welcomed, Enough.

Love this book idea for a graduate. Not that mine will be graduating from anything anytime soon, but it's brilliant!

 One for Owen, one for me, please!


Ysolda blows my mind (again!) with her idea for keeping track of rows.  

Find your happy, kids. And while you're at it, remember to support those on the same mission. Rebecca always says it best.

I will now be making my own labels for everything. 

Don't forget, there's just a few days left to get your Charity HAL hats to me for them to be counted towards the giveaway!

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