Jun 1, 2012

the June and July hat: A Most Bespeckled Hat!

I'm super excited to share the hat I'll be working on for June and July ... A Most Bespeckled Hat by Alexandra Tinsley! While I managed to work through bunches of my smaller bits of yarn in May, I've got bunches of remnants hanging out in a fun clear glass jar in our dining room - not enough to make even a baby hat, the colors don't go together enough to make a striped hat, and so I'm going to use them up making as many Bespeckled Hats as I can!

The Most Bespeckled Hat pattern is super customizable, but I'll be doing my best to stick with the pattern as written. I love that it comes with a fold-over brim for extra warmth, and that the pom is made in the contrasting color. Because we've got big plans to lounge by the pool at my mom's apartment complex as much as possible this summer, I'm combining June and July as far as charity knitting goes.

I still aim to knit at least 10 hats per month towards my charity goals, but by giving myself two months to knit up this hat instead of just one, I'm hoping to work through more of my stash, build up a big box of hats for the Chicago Food Pantry and still have plenty of lazy days. Yep, the charity we'll be making hats for in June and July is again the Chicago Food Pantry. I'm just blown away at all the need, and so I'm focusing my efforts for a few more months in the hopes that I can get as many hats for those kids as possible!  


Because last year, over 1,000 kids used the services of this specific Chicago Food Pantry, the need is super great for hats again this year. I'd love to have you join in with me and knit some hats for these kids! To entice you to join in on the fun, I'll be offering up a few fun surprises throughout the month - think giveaways, incentives, and more!

Even more exciting, Alexandra is offering up a 10% discount on the Most Bespeckled Hat pattern for folks who will be joining me in knitting it up for charity during June and July! Simply head to Ravelry and the A Most Bespeckled Hat pattern page, and when you purchase the pattern use the code "IMAKEHATSTOO" to receive 10% off on the pattern. The coupon code will be good until June 14th, so you've got some time to decide if you want to join in on the fun!

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