Jul 26, 2012

insta-life 7.27.2012

It's been a quiet week around here. Which is to say, it hasn't been quiet at all, but the week has felt quiet to me for some reason. We've had family in town, friends in town, a trip to the zoo and FINALLY a few top teeth to take up time and space this week, but through all the busy and going places life has felt slow, in all the best ways.

There have been pauses for watermelon and graham crackers, time taken out to watch golf in our jammies, and great conversation had almost every day.

A good week indeed!

We kicked off our week on Saturday, with dinner at a new-to-us restaurant. Crave has been six blocks away for several years now, but this was our first trip. Good to know we're not behind the times!

With friends in town from everywhere it seemed, we all met up and shared drinks and good news - a babe for one couple, an impending marriage for another! Excitement to be sure, and plotting baby hand knits may have already begun!

After saying we'd head to the zoo every week, Owen and Jack just finally managed their second visit on Wednesday. We read up on all the animals we'd be seeing, Owen got so excited he tried to climb into his car seat a good hour before we were set to go, and as per usual he got so worn out he passed out half-way through!

Our zoo is such an amazing place to take kids of all ages, and having the family passes means Owen and Jack will get to enjoy the zoo into the fall and even winter!

Like I said, we've been visited by two new top teeth. It seems after saying just a few days ago how Owen has been locked in a battle of wills with his top gum, those teeth finally won out. We are all (well, almost all) happy that this has been the case, as now Mister Owen is back to sleeping and not crabbing all over the place!

He and daddy celebrated the two teeth with an evening of boys-only blanket forts last night. I managed to get this shot of them, in between giggles, tackles, and snuggles. These two are the best!

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