Jul 24, 2012

Pickles Patterns I Love!

Have you been taken in yet by the amazing design house that is Pickles? Based out of Oslo, this sister-team of designers has a yarn line as well as publishing patterns at least once a week to their blog! They share at least one size free for everything they design, and their variety of patterns is astounding! Here are a few of the Pickles patterns I love and adore:

Warm Winter Pom Pom Hat - this one is on my short list to knit up this fall!

Plain Tunic - I know a gal in Copenhagen who would ROCK this tunic!

Baby Kit For Melker - this hat is a go-to for newborns I know!

Big Fat Lampshade - While we don't have any lampshades like this in our house currently, I'm tempted to pick one up just so I can cover it!

I Heart You Sweater - that same gal in Copenhagen? She'd look great in this as well!

Oslo Anorak - I'm hoping I can talk Owen into this sweater this winter!

Natural Winter Kit - I love this hat/cowl combo!

Melker's Kindergarten Kit - Love this simple sweater and striped hat! I might have to start making them for all the younger kids in my life!

That's just the tip of the Pickles iceberg! You can see more of my favorites pinned here, or head to their blog to get lost in the goodness!

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