Jul 3, 2012

reading // Iceland, India, Interstate


That's a word Colin Wright says (a few times, actually) he doesn't use. But it's one I use, and so I will use it again and again when talking about this book!

While living in Iceland for four months, Colin met a lovely Icelandic lady named Jóna who "who tests his ideas about relationships and becomes a partner-in-crime across three continents."

A nice and concise description (part in quotes ripped from Amazon) of a memoir that spans well over a year, three continents, a bus trip, an unlikely long-term romance ... and quite a bit of sex.

Iceland India Interstate is a quick read - I managed to finish it in two of Owen's naptimes! Don't let that fool you though, as Iceland India Interstate is also packed full of amazing stories.

I think if you were to ask Colin, he would call himself an entrepreneur, a world traveler, and a life-experiementer. I would also call him a consummate story-teller. As he weaves his way across the globe he pulls you along - many times I felt as though I was standing in the room or on the street right next to him as the events he was sharing unfolded.

I may be a bit biased about this book. After all, Colin mentions me and the hats I made for him and Jóna in the midst of one of his chapters! I didn't know this, and was tickled when a mutual friend e-mailed to tell me as much. But even with this bias, I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good story!

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