Dec 3, 2012

December Challenge // Emily's Hats For Hope!

This month, help me send hats out to Emily in Morristown, NJ for her Emily's Hats For Hope organization!
"In December 2011, Emily realized she could help the homeless & working poor in her community by knitting warm winter hats for them. On December 27, 2011 Emily’s Hats For Hope Initiative was born."
What began as a way for Emily to use her knitting talent to help the folks around her has quickly become a world-wide movement involving over a dozen satellite groups and closet 4,000 donations to the main New Jersey branch alone!

Emily's organization has donated to a wide variety of locations, from local homeless shelters and food banks to churches and soup kitchens. This December, 1,000 hats are being donated to the Appalachia region of Kentucky - one of America's most impoverished areas.

 Recently on the Hats For Hope Facebook page, Emily posted that she's in need of men's hats - dark and neutral colors, and a bit bigger than many of the hats she's been receiving. It's true that we knitters love to use color and flourish, but with so many female-friendly hats coming in, Emily needs more "man-friendly" hats to hand out!

To kick off this new monthly challenge idea, I'm challenging readers to knit at least one man-friendly hat (the Sandoval Hat pattern knit in brown, grey, black or navy would be perfect!) and send it off to Emily's Hats For Hope! Hats can be made using acrylic or wool - no angora, please! All sizes and shapes are always needed, but for this challenge, please consider sending hats meant to fit an adult male. I'll check back in towards the end of the month with my donation status, and will include any links and/or photos to hats you all have sent in (as long as you leave a link on this post)!

Send your hats to:
Emily's Hats For Hope Initiative
PO Box 2374

Learn more through these links:

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