Dec 14, 2012


My kid is just ... ridiculous. And I've been taking tons of fun (and funny) photos of him on Instagram for many months now, sharing them here in fits and spurts. But it's time to document this stuff better, more regularly, etc.

So with that in mind, I present Insta-Owen ... a weekly series full of the schenanigans this little one gets himself into!

helping decorate the tree. or pull it down.

showing his love for both mama and daddy.

new uses for memory sticks and mama's shoes (and the only time my size 6 shoes look big!)

this is how he relaxes!
before the Big Ten championship game, rocking his Rex Burkhead jersey. we still don't talk about that game in our house.

just hanging out with Poppleton and on mama's head.

two of his favorite things to do lately - lounge and read.

human rights violations.
So, the human rights violations - that's the fact that he's wearing pants. Poor kid loves to be pants (and socks) free as often as he can be, but now that it's winter, we force him to wear pants. Very much against his will, and to great dismay and tantrums.
Because I'm a sucker (and/or I hate tantrums) I let him rock jammies as late into the morning as we can feasibly do it. But at some point, pants must be worn, and the drama begins!
Now, if only I can grab some shots of him sliding down the stairs on his belly, streaking around the house before bathtime, and vaccuuming the family room ...

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