Mar 1, 2013

The Vermonter Hat Challenge

I don’t normally keep much bulky yarn on-hand – if I’m honest, working with size 15 needles starts to give my hands an ache after too much use. But I was recently given a friend’s entire stash of Lion Brand Thick & Quick after the minimal wool content started to mess with her allergies, and if I don’t use it fast, it’ll languish in my stash for far too long!

It didn’t take long for me to know which pattern to use for this yarn; I’ve been eyeing Abi’s Vermonter Hat pattern for many months now, wishing I had some bulky yarn in my stash so I could finally make one.

Vermonter on Ravelry || Vermonter On Abi's Blog - free download at either site

I plan to knit through the entire box of bulky weight using the Vermonter Hat pattern, making solid hats where I can and using the smaller bits to make up some striped Vermonters as well (I’ll explain how I do that when I’ve got a few done). Because I’m not sure how many hats I’ll be able to make this way, I’m not challenging myself to make a specific number. Once the bin is done, this project will be added to the completed list.
The hats will be donated locally through the Nebraska Hats for Hope Initiative to the local Leavenworth Homeowner’s Association (in my neighborhood). Each year at Christmastime they make up backpacks full of food (fruits, snacks and such) and warm gear (hats, scarves, mittens) for the kids at a local elementary school with a high percentage of kids receiving assistance (free lunches, etc) – last year they made up around 300 bags! This year Hats for Hope is teaming up with them to provide hand knit hats for the bags, and so these hats will go into that pile. I’m hoping Hats for Hope can contribute enough hats that each kid gets a handmade one, and in order to get there I’m dedicating a fair bit of my knitting this year to the cause. Learn more about this campaign over at the Hats for Hope Facebook page.
For those of you with bulky yarn in your stash, I’d love for you to consider knitting along with me! Abi makes her patterns available for free download, and this is the perfect hat for charity donation – whether you send it to Hats for Hope or donate it locally! If you choose to knit along with me, I'd love it if you share links to your finished hats in the comments of any of the Vermonter hats I share - that way I can see your lovely creations and share them here on the blog as well! And I'd of course love it if you would send your hats to the Nebraska Hats for Hope Initiative for the LNA hat drive!

Here is the address:

Nebraska Hats for Hope Initiative
PO Box 6093
Omaha, NE 68106

Your hats will go to good use, warming up kids in my neighborhood all next winter!

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