Mar 18, 2013

thrush, thrush, hurry hurry lover come to me ...

2013 can suck it. officially.

since the beginning of the year, Owen has had five ear infections. he has been on antibiotics to the point that he's gotten thrush, an over-abundance of yeast that our bodies can normally combat without a thought. unless our immune systems have been compromised because it's been trying to fight infection, or been compromised by too much antibiotics.

the ear infections have been so hard to fight because Owen's allergic to penicillin/amoxycillin. this means we have to treat his ear infections with "lesser" meds, which means they don't go away as easily. which means they come back quickly and are harder to cure each time.

all of this to say, we have an appointment with an ear, nose and throat guy. to start the "let's put tubes in his ears" conversation. i had tubes at his age. so did two of my three brothers (or maybe all three ... Nick, did you have tubes, too?), thanks to chronic ear infections like this. i sort of always knew it was coming, and to be honest i'm relieved.

hopefully, in the next three months these ear infections will be a thing of the past, as will the purple mouth and all the drug cocktails and all this stress and frustration. until then, it's a purple mouth and ten more days of antibiotics, twice a day.

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