May 28, 2013

Make Baby Hats!

As the weather turns warmer, and children are heading home for the summer from school, and vacations get added to the calendar, and you keep waiting for your lazy summer to begin ... don't let your knitting fall off the needles to languish at the bottom of your bag!

I always think my summers are going to be calm, perfect for tons of knitting. In fact, my summer is already full of family, zoo trips, a toddler who has decided bedtime is for running around his room in circles, tons of fresh fruit, wrestling matches and couch forts. And while I couldn't be happier, I'm finding less and less time for knitting.

Instead of letting my knitting languish untouched and unloved, I've decided to take drastic measures. I've taken all the yarn out of my knitting bag, put it into the yarn closet, and replaced it with as much sport weight baby-friendly yarn as I could stuff in! My plan for the summer is to make as many baby hats as I can, keeping one on the needles at all times.

I'm modifying my Sandoval hat pattern for this purpose, as I know it by heart and so can knit away until a hat practically falls off the needles on its own. I can knit during movies and while we're riding in the car to birthday parties. I can work a few stitches while we wait for dinner and while I camp out in front of Owen's door at bedtime since he's just figured out how to open it (escape artist jobs in his future, I'm sure of it) and thinks its hilarious to sneak downstairs when he's supposed to be sleeping.

The hats will all be sent to babies in Africa (more on this as a few more things get finalized), and I'm hoping I'll make a big dent in my stash in the process. And my knitting won't languish unloved this summer, not if I've got anything to say about it!

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