Jun 14, 2013

Thoughts As I Turn 36

Yesterday I turned 36. The truth of it all is, I haven't always liked celebrating my birthday. Where I have always wanted to go above and beyond for others when it's their day, I find I'd rather ignore my birthday all together. After years of disappointing days (for a host of reasons), a few years ago I decided that eating pizza and watching a movie with my most favorite person in the world was the only way I wanted to celebrate. Ever again.

And then I turned 36.

I had hoped for little to no fanfare. In fact, I wished for that so hard, I managed to get the stomach bug that's been floating around for the last week or so. Not so bad I wanted to curl up and die mind you, but bad enough I had to lay on the couch drifting in and out of sleep for most of the day. Bad enough that I wasn't sure I'd even be able to eat the pizza I'd been so looking forward to.

And then Owen started to give me big hugs and kisses, out of nowhere, and while watching Thomas -- which for him is like the most selfless thing ever, as Thomas hangs the moon for him right now, and if we talk too much while he is watching he will put a finger to his lips and all but yell "SHHHHHH" until we are quiet.

And then Zach ran out to grab something, and came back with Jones Bros. Cupcakes, which are just about the best cupcakes in the known universe. And he put a candle in one, and then my two favorite men in the world sang me Happy Birthday, and Owen helped me blow out the candle, which I didn't even realize he knew how to do.

And then we ate pizza even though my stomach kept trying to tell me it might not like it (it ended up liking it very much) and instead of watching a movie we watched two episodes of Dr. Who, which we are just now getting around to watching.

And while we watched I cast on my second hat for the day, realizing I'd been able to knit as much as I'd wanted, all day long. I talked to almost everyone who is important to me throughout the day, including both parents and two brothers (the third fell asleep before he could call, so texted me right at midnight).

And then, just as we were about to head to bed for the evening at 10:30pm like the boring grown-ups we are, my phone rang. And three people who have become little extensions of my family were on the phone, singing me happy birthday all the way from Canada. Right after a very important event, rushing to the phone to call because they knew I'm "old and go to bed early".

And as I smiled so hard I thought my face might break, I was reminded just how precious this life of mine is, just how lucky I am, and suddenly I was the most thankful person that has ever existed. And as I fell into bed, I realized this is what birthdays are supposed to be -- all my favorite people, all my favorite foods and things to do, all wrapped up into one lazy day of staying in my sweats and smiling every second I was awake.


I'm also very thankful that folks have been showing up in droves to donate to my Charity: Water birthday campaign! Thanks to some amazing donations, I'm slowly working my way towards my goal, and am grateful for each dollar donated (even the ones from friends reminding me how old I am! Hah!) If you'd like, consider donating as well -- 100% of all donations go directly towards water projects, so your money will be wisely spent. 36 looks like it's going to be a good year, judging by the way it started!

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