Nov 20, 2013

Tsunami Victims Knit For Others

You guys, if you ever needed proof that knitters are the best people in the world, this is it.

Victims of the tsunami that hit Japan over two years ago are still living in temporary housing in the northern fishing village of Shichigahama. To keep their spirits up and focus on something other than themselves, they formed a knitting group.

This knitting group is now sending handmade items to Syrian refugees.

These are women who don't have homes, who lost everything, and who are using yarn that was donated to them to make items for themselves and those in their village. Using that yarn to make items for others, who are experiencing their own tragedies. Mayumi Hoshi, pictured at left, is one of the knitting group members, and has been quoted as saying, "“It feels so good to be able to help other people, even if we’re in a tough situation ourselves." I mean. And now I want to grab my knitting needles, walk away from everything else I'm doing, and make even more hats than before. The need is great all over the world, and these women are such an inspiration! (link to full article)

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