Jan 10, 2014

Tracey's Hats For Hope Initiative Toronto

I'm excited to share this group today, as Tracey and I have quickly become fast friends thanks to Instagram and our mutual love of knitting and crochet! Tracey runs the popular shop Grizzlie, and while it keeps her super busy her desire to give back to her community has been growing -- I couldn't be happier! With the weather so cold everywhere right now, Tracey couldn't have picked a better time to start collecting hats, either! Read more about the group, and then check out the immediate ways you can help!
Making & collecting winter hats, scarves, afghans, blankets, etc for the homeless & working poor in & around Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
To kick off this charity, Tracey has been in contact with The Blue Youth Shelter, and they are excited to receive some hats! Her goal is to get the first batch to them on January 29th -- let's help her deliver as many as we can!!
PO Box 20085 Tower Hill 118 Tower Hill Rd. Richmond Hill, ON L4E 0K9 Canada For those in the United States, shipping may be a bit more costly, but well worth it! I'm not sure of current shipping times to Canada, however, so if you're going to help out, it's best to drop a hat or two in the mail as soon as you can!


Group Facebook Page || Grizzlie shop || Tracey's Instagram

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