Jun 4, 2014

Charity HAL: Working With The Cottage Cap

After spending most of last month working with the Shanti Hat for the Charity HAL, I'm focusing this month on the Cottage Cap. It's such a fun knit, works up quickly and is an easy pattern to memorize. I've already worked these three hats off the needles in less than a week, and can't wait to see how many I can manage to finish in the next 25 days!

These three hats were made using the last of the Ewe Ewe Wooly Worsted I had on-hand. I didn't realize I'd used so much of it on my Shanti Hats, and only had enough left to make several striped hats. Thankfully, this pattern looks ridiculously cute with stripes - simply change colors every two rows like I did with the orange and blue striped hats, or change in blocks of color as I did with the hat on the right.

In all cases, I worked the hat over 84 stitches. This isn't the largest size in the pattern, but I found that with my gauge and tension, this number of stitches gave me a hat that fits both mine and my husband's heads perfectly.

Don't forget, for this drive we need hats to fit older kids most of all, and older kids and teenagers have adult-sized heads. This means if the hat fits you (or almost fits you) it's just the right size! I'm going to keep working the Cottage Cap with other worsted weight yarns, so I'll report back soon on any changes I've had to make based on thicker or thinner yarns.

Don't forget, the Charity HAL runs through the end of this month. This means you just have 26 days to send in your hats and be included in the giveaway. We've collected a few hundred already, but the goal is to collect 2,000 hats for Completely Kids, so please consider joining in!

For more info on the Charity HAL, read the official drive page.

Send your finished hats to:
Robyn Devine
Charity HAL
PO BOX 6093
Omaha, NE 68106

Download the Shanti Hat and Cottage Cap. And don't forget to tag your hats! Just use the Charity HAL hat tags on each hat to be entered into the giveaway.

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