Jul 9, 2014

let's ramble about life for a minute, shall we?!

It's been one of those years, you know? The winter just went on forever, I went from a crazy pregnancy to figuring out how to be mama to two rambunctious kiddos in a matter of minutes, and I wrote a book.

I also decided, somewhere in there, that I needed to step up my blogging game. To me, this meant  focusing in on what I was sharing, figuring out what sorts of features I thought might resonate best with readers, trying my hand at a blog series or two, and most importantly, moving to Wordpress.

And now here I am, six months (less?) after making that switch, and I regret it. While I love the blog design that was lovingly crafted just for me, the back-end stuff doesn't work the way I'd like it to; and while I'm sure I could figure out solutions, I don't have the time or inclination to do so. Which means slapping stuff together in a way I'd rather not do on a fancy-pants site.

So I am switching back to Blogger. Again. For good.

The best part of all this? I'm having the hardest time getting any of my old posts off Wordpress and back here in their original home. Because when I made the move to Wordpress I decided to "burn the ships", as it were, and delete the posts from this space as I transferred them over.

Note to self: Never make rash decisions like that six hours after having a c-section. IT'S UNWISE.

For now, this space will look incredibly sparse, a blank slate of sorts, while I figure out how the heck to get all the old content back here. I'm hoping I don't have to manually move things one post at a time, but if I do, then that's what I'll do.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep right on keeping. I've been feeling lately like everything is being shaken to the core, and am finding I'm coming out the other side of all that shaking a much different person than I thought I would. Having Owen was a huge change, to be sure, but it feels with Lou like she's taken the very insides of me, pulled them out, juggled them around, and now I have to figure out what really goes where. The pieces are falling back into place finally, but the final picture looks a bit different than it did before. In some very good ways, to be sure, but different.

I'm sure I'll share more about that as the days and weeks go on.

Suffice it to say, I'm done pretending I'm a fancy-pants blogger. I'm settled into who it is I am online - a mama who loves to make hats, and who rambles far too much. Ultimately, this space started as a place for me to keep a record of my knitterly days, and that's what it shall be once again. A place for me, for my family, and for hats. And for you, should you care to read along!


  1. You, your family and your hats – exactly what I love! The experiment with the weekly features and all that was interesting, and there are parts of it that you might like to keep, but I miss all the rambling about knitting and life, and pictures and stories of your family, that give your blog its soul. And you know, if it's too difficult transferring everything over, starting off on a clean slate isn't that bad either. It would probably be in keeping with the whole minimalist, throw away the baggage idea that you've been trying out!

  2. Hey Robyn, I'm totally with you - the same happened to me last year and it made me not be in love with blogging. I just want to do it the way that works for me, so that the joy is in the writing, posting, sharing - not in the struggle of navigating techy websites.

    Here's to blogger! And DIY blogging from the heart :) And NOT being fancy-pants bloggers :) HURRAH!

    Katie. XXX

  3. Amen! I enjoy your blog. Nothing fancy about mine either, but I enjoy the making and sharing : )