New Photos For The Helping Haiti Hat!

A few weeks ago, my dear friend Casie took me downtown and we did a quick photo shoot. She got some great photos of me with my knitting, which I'll be sharing later this week (and next), but I wanted to share this photo first.

As I go through all my old posts, I'm doing three things specifically. First, I'm just getting them all back here on this space.  But more importantly, I'm re-knitting many of my old patterns for new photos, and I'm making all my patterns available for free.

Some of my patterns are still only available for purchase, and I'm working through those patterns from the older ones first through to the newer ones. As I make all the patterns free, I'm also adding all the directions right here to the blog, rather than having them be available for download only. I'm working on getting a "print this page" button added to each post so you can still print the directions, but I wanted to make sure people didn't need to download anything in order to knit any of the patterns I've written.

One such pattern is the Helping Haiti hat pattern. I've always charged for this hat, donating all proceeds to Doctors Without Borders. But not many folks have bought it, and I get it. It's a simple enough hat, it makes more sense to have it be freely available so people can make hats to donate with the pattern. More good will come of that, for sure!

As always, be sure to let me know if you have any problems with this pattern - it will be much easier to edit now that it's just online, and I want to be sure my patterns are as user-friendly as possible!


  1. I just "found" you on Ravelry last week and I love your hat patterns. Big reason is that you make the hat "deep" enough to cover all of the ear and not just skim the top of the ear. Keep up the good work.


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