Sep 22, 2014

Impossible Hats and the 777 Project

Impossible Hats

Last week I told you about my friend Joel's big goal - he's running 7 ultra marathons on 7 continents, to raise $175k to build 7 schools. He's called it the 777 Project, and has been asking folks to join in on the fun.

For my part, I'm going to be selling Impossible Hats in the She Makes Hats Shop starting October 1st, and will be donating $30 from each hat purchase towards the 777 Project - with my own goal of raising $5,000 to help build some schools!

Above you can see the hats in all fifteen available colors. I'm going to be getting photos taken of each of these hats next Sunday morning (coffee will factor in big here, I'm pretty sure), and then unless something terrible happens, the hats will be in the She Makes Hats Shop on October 1.

The hats are made with 100% vegan-friendly acrylic yarn that's so soft and cushy I have actually rubbed these hats lovingly against my face a few times. This also means they are washer/dryer safe, which is a must in my house!

The hats are 10" tall, so they have a bit of slouch to them, and measure 18" circumference, which means everyone from our three year old son to my husband can wear them. They stretch to fit perfectly, but don't get a stretched out look to them, if that makes sense.

I love that there's colors for both men and women, and for both kids and adults - you can outfit pretty much everyone you know with a hat this fall and winter with the Impossible Hats!

Hats will cost $40 each, but with $30 going to help build schools and the rest going to pay for yarn and shop fees, I'm actually not making a penny on these hats. Well, maybe like a dollar, but the goal here is not for me to make money, but to get some schools built!

I'll share some sneak peeks of the hats again once Casie and I get together and get some good shots of them on my head, so look for those next week!

My goal is to raise the full $5,000 before the end of the year - that means I'll need to sell almost 200 hats in just 3 months. That's quite a lot of hats and hat-making for me this fall, but I'm super excited to watch as the hats fly out of the shop, to make trips to the post office on repeat as I mail the finished hats out, and to overwhelm the folks at the yarn shops as I shop relentlessly for more and more hat yarn!

I'd love for you to consider buying a hat this fall to help me reach my goal, and I'd super extra love it if you'd share about this charitable project with everyone you know! Thanks, and happy first day of fall!!

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