a slow start to 2015

Jan 6, 2015
I've loved seeing everyone jump headfirst into the new year. Over here, we're still sort of on vacation (vacation from what? not sure), which means staying in our pajamas as long as possible, watching too much television, and knitting away.

And of course, not blogging, it would seem. I'd finally gotten a bit of a groove with this old blog in December, and then Christmas hit, and I took a break before 2015 hit, and now it seems I'm having a hard time coming back from it all.

Not in real life, at least as much. The dishes are getting done, we took an impromptu trip to IKEA the other day with both kids, and we have clean clothes. I just can't seem to be bothered to hop on the computer and pound out some thoughts.

Rather than be concerned, I'm choosing to not think about it.

I have been knitting and crocheting like a mad thing, in the spare pockets of time I've found. I'm making some real progress on a crochet remnants blanket I'll be gifting a friend (more on that once it's done, I think), and sent off two belated holiday gifts to some lovelies in Montana.

I also decided to take on a daily project in 2015, even if I did decide it five days into the new year! I'm planning on making a baby hat each day in 2015, and documenting them on Instagram (hashtag #babyhats2015). I'll be donating all the hats to maternity wards here in Omaha, and will share a round-up post each month with photos of each of the hats I complete.

It's been snowing on and off, we're not super happy about the super cold temperatures, but then, we do live in a state that gets winter, so what else should we expect?! And how is your January going?


  1. Question please, what size needles and what weight yarn are you using for the baby hats? I've been using baby yarn on size 6-7 needles casting on 68 stitches for a rib baby hat, but takes me too much time. I'd like to knit a hat a day also but can't with items above.

    1. Most of the baby hats I knit are on worsted weight yarn, and use a size 9 needle. You can find my Benson Beanie pattern in the sidebar (it's the blue baby hat with the button), and that'll give you the free instructions as to how I make all my baby hats! They work up much faster than thinner yarn!

  2. I find a vacation is often needed after the whirl of holiday preparations and expectations. Even though I'm back at work (no pajamas for me, sad face), we are definitely not in high gear yet.

    I love the white hat with what look like Fleur-de-lis in fair isle.

    You are inspiring me to ramp up my charity knitting. For the first 6 months of 2014 I made and donated about 16 hats, 3 comfort shawls and a couple of snuggles but then. . . nothing. My goal this year is to try and pace myself more so I don't get burned out. I'm thinking one baby hat and one adult hat or cowl per month. I'll probably try to make a couple of comfort shawls but in smooth yarn not the boucle-ish yarn I used last year - soft to touch but not my favorite to work with.

    1. I also LOVE that white hat! I was going to ask, is there a pattern for it online? I've never seen one quite like it.

  3. I finished my first Hadley hat Sunday night - can't wait to post about it on IG!! Thanks for the awesome free pattern! It's gonna be hard to keep it away from my daughter - she fell in love with it. So I just might make another one for her. It knit up super quick and easy. I'm calling it my Doc and Brews hat cause I knit it while waiting for a few doctor appointments and when hanging out with hubby at his fave brewery. I don't drink so he drinks and I knit when we go to the local breweries:) I love your goal for 2015 and look forward to seeing your progress! HAPPY 2015!!!!

  4. The colorful hat in the lower right corner- what pattern is it? So cute!


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