Feb 17, 2015

Designer Crush || Ewe Ewe Yarns

It's no secret I love using Ewe Ewe Yarns for my hat projects. It's incredibly luxurious, but you can still get a kid sized hat out of just one skein, which means I'm not having to weave in more ends than necessary (something I'm not a fan of).

I'm also a huge fan of the fact that Ewe Ewe's hat patterns are charity knitting friendly. By this I mean, once I buy the pattern, I know I'll use it more than once for charity hat projects. Because of my big charity knitting goals, I'm not a big fan of hat patterns that cost more than a few dollars if they're also ones I'll only want to use once or twice. In the case of Ewe Ewe's patterns, every one I've got I've used on repeat!

Top Left: Copper Mountain. I'm in love with the little bitty chevron stripes!

Top Right: Family Of Hats. I'm a sucker for stripes, and this pattern comes with sizes for everyone you know, making it the perfect charity hat pattern purchase.

Bottom Left: Downhill Diva. I've actually got one of these hats on the needles right now for Lou, and I love the cabled look!

Bottom Right: Hat Season is a hat made using Ewe Ewe yarn, and it's a great charity hat pattern. The stripes will help you use up leftover bits of yarn you may have from other patterns, and give this hat the perfect look for men or women.

One of the best parts of Ewe Ewe's pattern section? It's always growing! Heather, the owner of Ewe Ewe, is always writing new patterns for her yarn, and she's begun working with a wide variety of designers to add to the Ewe Ewe pattern collection as well!

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