Shapes The Sunlight Takes, By Josh Wagner // GIVEAWAY CLOSED

AND THE WINNER IS ... Katie Probert! I've messaged you on Google Plus, so please respond via e-mail!

Fellow Asymmetrical Press author Josh Wagner recently published Shapes the Sunlight Takes, and I got the chance to read it right as it was hitting the shelves.

Shapes is the story of Lexie, a 15 year old outcast who believes she can see the future. When she has a vision that her best friend's brother Derwin and her secret crush Mirielle are meant to have a love child together, Lexie fights to find the balance between delusion and reality, attempting to make sense of her past, present and supposed future.

I'm constantly amazed at the quality of writing from my fellow Asymmetrical writers, and this book is no different. While I was never a teenage lesbian, I was a teenage girl, and I'm impressed at just how well Josh hops into the mind of one. All the struggle of coming-of-age, pressed together with the supposed visions Lexie fights to control, help make Lexie one of my favorite teenage characters in some time.

I struggled to find the lines between Lexie's delusions and reality, reminding me of when I first read The Bell Jar. I spent half that book feeling almost twinned with the heroine, only to discover she was, in fact, completely crazy. Lexie is so genuine and honest, it's hard to remember that she may, in reality, not be completely sane and thus totally non-credible in her account of the events of the novel.

Lucky us, Asymmetrical Press is giving away a free copy of the book to one commenter today! Simply comment (be sure you log in with your name/e-mail - no one else will see it, but that way I can contact you!) with the book you're reading now, or one you recently finished. I'll pick a winner Sunday night, post back here to this space, and then e-mail the winner!


  1. It sounds like an interesting read.

  2. I just finished Wild by Cheryl Strayed and am now reading Zen Under Fire by Marianne Elliott. Katie. X


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