Feb 24, 2015

Tot Toppers Hats

I'm in love with the Tot Toppers pattern list. It's packed full of patterns of all varieties - sweaters, blankets, and more - but it's their hats that have me totally smitten.

Top Left: The Luka Slouch features all-over cables, is sized for the whole family, and is topped with my favorite hat accessory - a huge pom!

Top Right: I love the mini ear flaps on the Favorite Cap, and already have plans to make this worsted weight hat for several of my favorite charities, both with and without the rainbow look.

Bottom Left: I've got a soft spot for chevrons, and the Charlie Brown-esque Ollie Hat definitely makes me super happy! That there's a matching sweater to go along with makes my heart beat such a happy tune!

Bottom Right: The Squiggles Hat is the perfect hat for the knitter who hates double points and decreasing. Not only are rectangular hats adorable on kids, they're fun to make and mean you can just work without the worry of shaping!

 This is just a super small selection of the hat patterns - not to mention all the patterns - Tot Toppers has to offer. I got lost in their pattern pages for a good hour, so be warned!

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